Automatic Coarse Material Removal – WWSG-HCR-300

The very simply constructed automatic sieve - especially for use in wastewater treatment plants.

Smaller wastewater treatment plants have always been and still are operated without any automatic  removal of coarse material or partly even without removing the coarse material at all.

This can result in the blockage of pipes,  siphons and overflows. Consequently, this not only leads to extensive and inconvenient cleaning and maintenance costs but can also result in considerable operational problems.  

This concern led us to develop a simple and effective system which fits in (almost) all existing or new small wastewater treatment plants.


The sieve – WWSG-HCR-300 - is installed in the inlet area, mostly in the preliminary treatment. The raw sewage flows into a trough with a sieve plate. The raw components of the wastewater are held back and the water mass flows into the first basin. The coarse material is transported in an own developed corrosive free conveyor in a  drip tray where the sieved material is drained. The tray is continually emptied during the remaining necessary control and inspections.

The whole construction can be installed in a tank under the roof or the cone. This saves complicated constructions and measures for frost free maintenance.

Due to its special construction, the small sieve types  WWSG-HCR-300 can be easily exchanged also in existing plants. The sieves can by made with diversely sized holes ranging from  2-20mm.

WWSG-HCR-300, the cost effective alternative for manual coarse material removal.

Reasons for the use of WWSG-HCR-300