FLOTATION - Modular Dissolved Air Flotation

Completely pre-assembled dissolved air flotation with all necessary dosing systems for chemical preconditioning, piping and fittings, as well as switch and control system with PLC and touch panel.

Modular Dissolved Air Flotation:

The WWSG C-DAF Dissolved Air Flotation System is a separation process, where micro bubbles will be introduced into the wastewater via the so called recycling flow process. The suspended solids, fat, oil, grease and other colloidal solved solids will be with or without previous flocculation separated by floating via micro bubbles. The floated material at the water surface of the flotation tank will be removed by a very heavy duty chain scraper system. The treated and clear water, after the Flotation, can be discharged to the sewer or further biological system for further treatment.
We are specialized in modular dissolved air flotation systems and offer reliable semi-mobile plants for industrial wastewater treatment.

High Performance Dissolved Air Flotation:

The WWSG High Performance Dissolved Air Flotation System is also a separation process. It has the same functional principle as the above mentioned Modular Dissolved Air Flotation and serves for the treatment of industrial wastewater of all kinds. The plant is equipped with a multi-induction and saturation system for creation of micro bubbles into the wastewater and a heavy duty chain scraper system for high fat/oil/grease and solid loads in the incoming industrial wastewater.

We offer a wide range of different sizes, which can handle wastewater flows of up to 400 m³ / h. 

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