THE NEW GENERATION of submerged membrane filters for wastewater and drinking water Treatment

The AQQA®-system is based on the proven design of a plate filter, but adds new, innovative features that make it unique.

The AQQA®-system is a submerged ultrafiltration system of the next generation, which combines proven and new, unique features. The filter is submerged into the untreated water. With a gentle pressure the water is sucked into the filter, leaving all particles and bacteria on the outer surface of the membrane.  An optimized flow of air bubbles and water cares for a constant cleaning effect with high shearing forces on the membrane surface. This cleaning effect alone can keep the filter clean for up to one year. The AQQA®-filter is the first filter with solid plates that can be back-flushed by reversing the flow and pressing a cleaning liquid into the filter. By doing this, all pores are kept open and the filter can operate sustainable with a much higher output. In normal operation, the filter remains in the water and does not have to be removed from the tank, as it was the case with filters of the first generation.


The AQQA®-filter is made up of stacks of filter plates. These stacks are preassembled and the filter plates are connected with a snap-on system. A stack can be easily lifted out of a frame and filter single filter plates can be removed within minutes.

The stack builds an extremely robust unit, which ensures straight plates and a uniform gap of 6 mm. No matter how tough the operating conditions are, this setup does not change its geometry. Together with the optimized aeration system, this system is not prone to clogging and can be operated under very harsh conditions. 
The complete unit is submerged into the mixed liquor, either directly into the aeration tank or in an externally placed membrane tank.

In normal operation the filtrate is removed with a self-priming pump. A fraction of the filtrate is stored in the filtrate tank and can be used for the cleaning of the filters. The AQQA®-system is back-flushable with 350 mbar (5 psi). It combines the robustness of a plate system with the advantage of easy cleaning by pumping a cleaning liquid into the filter.

The following picture shows a possible setup for the operation.


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Advantages of AQQA® Membrane Filters
  • Full backflush capability up to 0.35 bar
  • Modular cubical design of the filter Frame
  • New, innovative Membrane
  • Rigid and straight plates with a constant gap