MBR-Container - Fully biological wastewater treatment plants

Build in 10, 20 or 40 ft ISO Norm-containers - from 50 PE up to 10.000 PE

Norm-container: mobile special compact wastewater treatment plants for civil (e.g. hotels,...), military (e.g. camps,...) use and for aid organizations for use in disaster areas etc. Most of our package wastewater treatment plants are installed in Africa (e.g. Nigeria).

Automatic coarse material removal

Automatic elimination of coarse material

Fine screen with automatic discharge, hygiene-capsuled

The very simply constructed automatic sieve is built of water resistant materials like stainless steel and polyethylene. The coarse material is transported automatically in a drip tray where the sieved material is drained. Afterwards it is easy and hygienic to remove the coarse material. Therefore there will be no more operational problems with blockage, pollutants of the plant with coarse material and objectionable odour.
It can be easily upgraded also in existing plants.

container waste water treatment plant - modular design

Modular design

Due to the variable design and coupling of modules, the capacity of WWSG- container waste water treatment plants may be adapted to increased volume of wastewater.

container waste water treatment plant - UV-disinfection


The nucleic acid contained in all microorganisms absorbs the incident radiation energy.

Thus will be activated a photochemical process, which damages the reproduction of microorganisms and inactivates the bacteria.

Container – cargo aircraft loading
Container – cargo aircraft loading
Norwegian army (UN mission Chad)
Norwegian army (UN mission Chad)