Your Reliable Partner For Water-Management Solutions

We, Wastewater Solutions Group GmbH, are a 100% Austrian Company. Since our foundation in 2009 we count as one of the pioneers for wastewater treatment & water purification up to drinking water quality.

WWSG offers tailor made Water Management-Systems from planning & engineering to installation & operation as well as the maintenance, tailor-made to our customers needs. A one-stop solution.

Wastewater Solutions Group GmbH provides a wide range of biological wastewater purification systems.

Our extensive product portfolio ranges from drinking water treatment equipment over mobile container wastewater treatment units to system purification plants in compact construction for up to 100,000 residents.

Processing of drinking water
safe and economic drinking water supply

  • for communities without drinking water supply (villages, refugee and field camps, ...)
  • for disaster areas or regions in crisis
  • for hospitals and clinics

Mobile Container Wastewater Treatment Systems for permanent or temporary applications

  • Ideal to guarantee water supply in camps for military or humanitarian operations
  • Compact for wastewater treatment and further reuse at hotels, estates or labour camps
  • Convenient for industrial applications and operations in remote areas

Industrial wastewater treatment plants
perfect Water-Recycling for 

  • food industry
  • tanneries & leather production
  • iron & steel industry
  • cosmetic industry

System purification plants in compact construction for

  • communities and towns with up to 100,000 inhabitants


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