MicroClear® Filter

MicroClear® cassete (MCXL) are built into special filter frames (MB) that, together with the integrated aeration system, ensure optimal operation with minimal use of chemicals. Because permeate outlets are precisely matched to the filters and provide even filtration pressure, they too contribute to trouble-free operation. Completely configured controllers substantially simplify the user's introduction to this technology.

A MicroClear® system is not only an aggregate of products perfectly matched to one another but also includes consultation that ensures a correct layout for the system's builder. For example, a calculation of base parameters for the entire clarification plant is, for us, simply a part of the service. The experience we have accumulated in over 10 years of constructing membrane bioreactors is thus passed on to our customers.

Modulrack: MB5-1

Functional principle

The MicroClear® filter functions according to the "out-in" principle. These filters are completely submerged in the clarification plant's activated sludge and the filtrate is extracted with 0.15 bar negative pressure. Once the filtrate passes through the membrane it moves on through a burl structure in the base plate with practically no pressure to reach the filtrate outlets. Right from the beginning, the even distribution of pressure over the filter plate is of decisive importance to trouble-free operation. If pressure distribution is uneven then certain areas will exhibit high throughput while other areas of the filter's surface remain unused.

"MicroClear® Full Surface Distribution" technology ensures that every square centimetre of the membrane is used – evenly – from the first day until the day of the next basic cleaning. A unique air bubble cleansing phenomena removes deposits from the membrane in a purely physical manner, without any repeated backflushing of chlorinated chemicals.

Filtermodul: MCXL

This innovative system, with its unique selfcleaning filter phenomena, has a Europewide patent.

The high performance of the MicroClear® filter has been repeatedly confirmed; including those confirmations demonstrated in long-term operational testing performed together with the Gießen-Friedberg and Lippe/Höxter polytechnic universities.

In contrast to many other submerged filter systems, the MicroClear® membrane is a true ultra-filtration membrane. It therefore offers a significantly higher retention rate than does a micro-filtration membrane. Bacteria, and even viruses, can be securely retained (up to 99.9999 %) by this physical barrier.

A post-treatment process, as needed in many conventional clarification plants, is not required when submerged MicroClear® filters are used. This not only saves a lot of space but also achieves a clarification process free of bacteria and particles, and does this under all operating conditions.

The strict parameters stipulated by the EU guideline for bathing water can be consistently maintained for wastewater recycling. Beyond this, the clarification plant's output can be used unhesitatingly for irrigation, indeed in compliance with DIN 19650 as Class 2 precipitation water and thus, for example, also for fields or public parks.

Application examples of installed systems:

MicroClear® systems are installed around the world; as small systems employed as decentralised plants for as few as 4 persons up to large scale central systems for over 50 000 persons.

Permeatpump: FA-500
  • Municipal clarification plants
  • Recycling of household waste-water for golf courses or fields
  • Ship clarification plants
  • Recycling of grey-water for use in toilet flushing
  • Industrial plants
  • Treatment of landfill seepage water
  • Wastewater treatment for animal carcass disposal facilities
MicroClear® system advantages…: