10 years WWSG

We celebrate our 10 years company anniversary

10 years WWSG

We celebrate our 10th anniversary!

Exactly 10 years ago, in 2009, Wastewater Solutions Group GmbH was founded by Swietelsky and Salzburg AG.

In 2011, a change of ownership took place and WWSG became the property of the Pregartbauer family and GIS Aqua Austria GmbH.

Shortly afterwards, the first orders for the company Exxon Mobil could be obtained in Nigeria.
It followed
- ongoing product development of our compact container membrane wastewater treatment plants
- in 2015 start with operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants
- in 2018 new product development of MBBR plants
- in 2019 we set up our new branch in Lagos (Nigeria)

We look forward to a continued successful future!