Operation and Maintenance

Sewage treatment plants, whether small wastewater treatment plants for private households, compact wastewater treatment plants for industry, mobile wastewater treatment plants for camps or larger system wastewater treatment plants, must be operated by trained personnel and regularly maintained.

We offer this extensive service both in Austria and worldwide.

Our services include:

Service for Small Wastewater Treatment Plants

For all small sewage treatment plants approved in Austria by water law, an annual inspection is required and the results are to be submitted to the Water Rights Authority.

Our service:

  • Appointment
  • Site inspection
  • Technical inspection
  • Sampling + Wastewater analysis
  • Verification of self-monitoring
  • if necessary, repair of defective parts
  • Preparation of an inspection report for submission to the Water Rights Authority

Operation and Maintenance of our Wastewater Treatment Plants

Depending on the size and extent of the system, it is necessary to determine in advance exactly how much staff is necessary for the operation of the system and how work-intensive the operation will be.
Depending on the system, our staff is on site every day to ensure smooth operation.

Our service generally includes:

  • Planning and operational implementation of ongoing maintenance
  • Control of the system on site
  • Check the equipment containers and, if necessary, fill up the chemical containers
  • Control of the screening plant
  • Control of the pumping station
  • Cleaning the membraneCleaning the screening plant
  • Oil change / Service of the blowers and pumps
  • Sampling / Analyses
  • Laboratory tests
  • Div. repairs
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Remote monitoring / 24-hour standby
  • Failure analysis, organization and troubleshooting
  • Weekly service reports
  • Daily evaluation and entry in operation monitoring lists