AQUACELL small clarification plants

Aquacell® plants are based on the proven MicroClear® system and utilise the same technology also employed in large central clarification plants that use membrane bio-reactors. The experience of 10 years MBR technology has gone into the development of this plant.

The result: the best outlet analysis values ever achieved by a small clarification plant in the course of obtaining official approval. Of course – approved by the Deutschen Institut für Bautechnik (German institute for construction engineering).

Stage 1 - Mechanical Clearing

The first purification stage is performed in chamber 1 of a cesspool divided into 3 zones. Solids are separated through sedimentation and retained here prior to their disposal. The coarsely clarified water flows over into the next chamber.

Stage 2 - Biological Clarification

Growth bodies from open-pore foam material provide various microorganism life-support conditions, depending on the amount of oxygen that penetrates into the foam cubes. This causes a large variety of substances to be degraded biologically, without any chemicals.

Stage 3 - Membrane Filtration

The separation of micro organisms is handled by the patented MicroClear® filter. Even viruses and bacteria are blocked from passage by the fine membrane pores. Simultaneous
aeration of the filter ensures filter cleansing and oxygen for the biological process. Thus the Aquacell® requires only a minimal amount of energy – after all, water is not the only
resource to be conserved nowadays.