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Wastewater treatment and water recycling with state-of-the-art technologies for a wide range of industries

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Wastewater treatment in the food industry

When making food and beverages, a lot of water is used for production and cleaning. Often this process-water is heavily contaminated after use.

To meet strict environmental requirements, such wastewater must be cleaned and treated before it can be discharged into the environment or the following sewage system.

From an ecological point of view, it also becomes increasingly important to consider purification for reusing wastewater in your production process.

Wastewater Solutions Group offers holistic solutions for the entire wastewater cleaning-process for the food and beverage industry, such as in slaughterhouses or in meat processing, in dairies or breweries and many more.

Industry Solutions


Independent building complexes such as hospitals, but also schools or hotels produce large amounts of wastewater every day.

Um diese platzsparend und zentral aufzubereiten, benötigt es effektive und robuste Lösungen wie zum Beispiel unsere MobiWater®-MBBR-Container-Kläranlage.

Our 40 ft. container for example can be sufficient to clean the sewage of a 500-bed hospital and discharge it without any harm to the environment.


Industry Solutions

Military camps

Modular water management just the way we like it:

The combination of activated sludge treatment with the latest membrane technology not only saves a lot of space, but also achieves a bacteria and particle-free clarification process.

In meist abgelegenen Gebieten ist die Versorgung mit sauberem Wasser viel aufwendiger und teurer. Umso wichtiger ist hier eine effektive Wiederverwendung von Abwasser. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Tauchfiltersystemen ist unsere Membran eine „echte“ Ultrafiltrationsmembran. Sie bietet eine deutlich höhere Retentionsrate als eine Mikrofiltration. Eine zusätzliche Vorbehandlung ist bei der MobiWater®-MBR-Container-Kläranlage nicht erforderlich, da wir die europäischen Vorschriften für die Badewasserqualität (2006/7 / EG) erfüllen und teilweise sogar überschreiten.

Furthermore, with a subsequent reverse osmosis system, we achieve drinking water quality and a reuse rate of up to 80% of municipal wastewater.

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