Mobile Wastewater Treatment

Mobile sewage treatment plants in ISO standard containers

MobiWater® systems offer the perfect solution for mobile wastewater treatment.

The design and construction of conventional sewage treatment plants is usually complex and expensive. Short construction times and low space requirements are further reasons that speak for our MobiWater® systems.

Our container sewage treatment plants are used worldwide in military camps or in remote regions. Hotels, hospitals and growing real estate developments also benefit from our flexible and quickly ready-to-use systems.

We clean polluted wastewater with our container treatment plants. Therefore we can feed or reuse cleaned wastewater into the natural environmental cycle without any pollution. 

Effective & efficient cleaning of wastewater

Flexible adjustment of the capacity of the container sewage treatment plants possible

By using technologies such as activated sludge processes in combination with MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor) or MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor), we can biologically clean larger quantities of wastewater with significantly less volume and space requirements.

Due to the modular design and coupling of the modules, the capacity of MobiWater® container treatment plants can be easily adjusted to increasing amounts of wastewater. As a result, there are hardly any limits to the size of the project.

Completely pre-installed and tested, ready for use within a short time, our systems work fully automatically, odorless and are easy to maintain.

Modular components for maximum flexibility

The integration of the latest technologies in ISO standard containers is a core element of our business

Depending on the location and local requirements, we deliver modular solutions from a single source. Starting with the pumping station for feeding the container sewage treatment plant, through coarse material removal to biological cleaning, disinfection and sludge dewatering.

All parts of the system are calculated and designed according to the volume and raw water quality and the effluent values ​​to be achieved.

With our selected partners, we deliver the highest quality standards for container lining and mechanical equipment to ensure long-term, reliable operation.

Customer References

Fully biological container sewage treatment plants

In 20 or 40 ft. ISO standard containers from 50 to 10,000 inhabitants

Fully automatic sewage treatment plant operation

energy-optimised, load-dependent control

Best effluent quality

Proven technologies and combinations for maximum security

Individual additional facilities

Process water tanks, buffer tanks, UV sterilization, dosing stations, process control system, measuring devices, remote maintenance

Treated wastewater reusable

A perfectly planned water cycle can reuse up to 80% of the wastewater.

Our Products

As part of our MobiWater® series, we offer modular, mobile, containerized solutions for wastewater & water treatment and water analysis:

Wastewater flows with the help of gravity through the coarse separation into the lifting station.

If required, WWSG can supply the equipment or complete pumping stations with lifting pumps in 1+1 operation (1 pump on standby).

The design should be 3 to 5 times the average flow.

Coarse materials are separated in our fully automatic fine screens and transported to a container provided for this purpose. The filtered water then flows into the equalizing tank or directly into the sewage treatment plant.

With the WWSG equalization tanks (EQ) you save time-consuming concrete work and can regulate fluctuating inflow quantities. The 20 ft. or 40 ft. containers are equipped with high-quality plastic lining (PP) and offer a volume of up to 70 m³.

Completely prefabricated, in 20 or 40 ft containers, our MBR systems offer the ideal conditions for the reuse of waste water.
Due to the equipment used and the unique energy-saving control of the processes, the best effluent quality is achieved.

Compared to other submerged filter systems, our membrane is a "real" ultrafiltration membrane and therefore offers a significantly higher retention rate than a microfiltration membrane.
Bacteria and even viruses (up to 99.9999%) are safely held back by the physical barrier.

The Moving Bed Bio Reactor is also a purely biological wastewater treatment technology.

The biofilm required for the cleaning performance settles on floating growth bodies (MBBR chips) who offer a very large surface.
Oxygen is supplied by a compressor installed outside the fluidized bed reactor in the container.

Similar to the MobiWater® EQ, our sludge storage tanks can store the rejected sludge for a longer period of time or from there it can be fed to a sludge dewatering system.

This energy-free dewatering of excess sludge is not only cost-effective, but can also be easily integrated afterwards.

For a smooth operation of our systems, we offer individual test and analysis kits

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