Industrial Wastewater Treatment

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Professional treatment of waste water from industrial applications is regulated by law in many sectors. It is becoming increasingly important to fulfill these laws and protect our environment.

Existing systems quickly reach their limits as production increases, or they have been in use for so long that they are no longer state-of-the-art and less effective.

The use and handling of required chemicals should also be constantly checked and, if necessary, adapted to production processes.

Technical Assessment & Evaluation

Use the full potential of your systems!

We offer our customers a comprehensive technical assessment and an accurate evaluation of their existing plants, their use and consumption of energy and chemicals.

The inlet and outlet values ​​are analyzed in the laboratory and all system components are checked for their functionality.

We also plan necessary measures or new systems, implement them and ensure that the discharge parameters required by law are observed.

Customized industry solutions

For the entire wastewater process

With our WinWater® series, we offer individual solutions for the entire wastewater process for different industries, depending on requirements.

From coarse material removal to polymer processing and dissolved air flotation (DAF), mixing and equalization tanks / neutralization tanks to sludge dewatering, we supply everything from a single source.

Customer References

We offer wastewater treatment for various industries.

Effective reduction of dirt load

COD, BOD, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), TDS and TSS

Individual adjustments

to official requirements and discharge parameters

Processing & Recovery

Wastewater recycling for more sustainability

Cost savings

By reducing the input of chemicals and energy
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