We are specialists for environmental engineered plants, especially drinking water, wastewater collection and wastewater treatment plants.

Container-Entladung Tschad
Container unloading Chad
Containerkläranlage für Norwegische Armee
Containerized Wastewater Treatment Plant for Norwegian army
Containerkläranlage für Exxon Mobil / Nigeria
Containerized Wastewater Treatment Plant for Exxon Mobil / Nigeria
Kläranlage Seebergalm (1.400m)
Wastewater Treatment Plant Seebergalm (1.400m)
Containerized Wastewater Treatment Plant - Austrian Army
Partial view of container treatment plant
Automatic elimination of coarse material
Mechanical preclearing
Operating room

Small clarification plants WWSG-KKA

Container Wastewater Treatment Plants WWSG-1CC

Containerized MBBR Wastewater Treatment Plant

Sludge Dewatering System

High Performance Dissolved-AIR FLOTATION

System wastewater treatment plants WWSG-SYS

Water Treatment Plants (Reverse Osmosis)