MobiWater® MBR

The MBR membrane sewage treatment plant in the ISO norm container

Completely prefabricated, in 20 or 40 ft. containers, our MBR systems offer the ideal conditions for the reuse of waste water. Due to the equipment used and the unique energy-saving control of the processes, the best drainage qualities are achieved.

In contrast to many other submerged filter systems, our membrane is a
true ultrafiltration membrane and therefore offers a significantly higher retention rate than a microfiltration membrane. Bacteria and even viruses (up to 99.9999%) are safely held back by the physical barrier.

Process Description

The raw sewage flows through the inlet connection into the fully automatic fine screen (9), in which the coarse materials are separated and transported to a container provided for this purpose. The filtered waste water flows into the annox stage (1). This zone serves as a fat and sand separator as well as biological phosphorus elimination and denitrification.
Im Freispiegel fließt das Abwasser in das Belebungsbecken (2). Belastungsabhängig wird Sauerstoff in Form von komprimierter Luft, die mit dem Gebläse (6) erzeugt wird und über die feinblasigen Tiefenbelüfter (10) eingebracht wird. Der Abbauprozess der organischen Stoffe ist rein biologisch und findet im Belebungsbecken statt. Aufgrund der Steuerung ist der Energieverbrauch für die Erzeugung von Luft sehr gering.

The activated sludge mixture is pumped into the MBR tank (3). The biologically treated wastewater is sucked off through the membrane (4) with the permeate pump (7) and made available for reuse.
Due to the equipment used and the unique energy-saving control of the processes, we can achieve best drainage qualities with our systems.

Dimension WWSG-1CC 20/40ft and 40ft high cube.

Customer References

The systems of the WWSG are characterized by:

  • The sewage treatment plants of the WWSG are solidly dimensioned and have a high buffer capacity, especially at peak loads.
  • Due to the completely aerobically stabilized sludge, the operation is odorless.
  • The plant systems of the WWSG do not require a primary clarifier - therefore no odor pollution.
  • Automatic coarse material removal is provided as standard.
  • The biologically cleaned wastewater from the MBR system types can be reused as service water without an additional filter or disinfection.
  • The advantages of the systems are reflected in a simple and maintenance-friendly design.
  • The systems are pre-assembled and tested in the factory, so only a short installation time is required on site.
  • They are particularly suitable for mobile applications.
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