Operation and Maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plants

Professional operation & maintenance

Operation, maintenance and repair services for maximum production efficiency of your plants

The professional operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants often tie up important human resources in a company or in the municipal administration.

Time-consuming training and documentation, difficulties with replacements or overwork of the sewage and specialist staff in municipalities increasingly mean that optimal operation of the sewage treatment plant cannot be guaranteed.

Our all-round carefree package

We offer decades of experience to the benefit of customers worldwide.

The Wastewater Solutions Group helps! Our qualified staff is on duty in Austria and worldwide and takes care of our customers' systems and compliance with the legal basis.

We offer an all-round carefree package with ongoing process evaluation, operating documentation and 24/7 availability including troubleshooting.

Process evaluation & optimization

Diagnosis, measurement and inspection - condition monitoring for maximum productivity

Our employees take over the complete operation including maintenance and cleaning, documentation and troubleshooting.
Ongoing process evaluation and optimization are ensured, as well as chemical analysis and support in the selection and provision of suitable chemicals.

  • Qualified staff working in Austria and worldwide
  • Sewage attendants, microbiologists, sewage specialists, laboratory technicians, assistants
  • Training and education
  • Operating documentation in accordance with the legal framework
  • 24/7 availability including troubleshooting and remote control
  • Spare parts on stock

Customer References

All services from a single source

Qualified staff working in Austria and worldwide
24/7 availability including troubleshooting and remote control
Training and education
Spare parts on stock
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