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Due to our services and the resulting end products, we are naturally active worldwide and are therefore also influenced by global developments and interactions.

We find our customers in industry, in communities and cities, in hotel facility operators and in operators of military and humanitarian camps that need water treatment.

This requires international relationships and networks, language skills and know-how about regulatory requirements at the installation site.

Due to the global challenge and the size of our plants, our services are heavily dependent on the transport routes and means of transport.

We counter this logistical risk with a holistic concept, so that the customer receives ready-made units at the destination, which come very close to a "plug and play system".

Decades of industry experience of the management team give our customers and employees the highest possible security.

Mission statement

We are pioneers in the field of mobile and compact wastewater treatment and water treatment up to drinking water. Our services cause a sustainable and increasing environmental awareness in the companies and regions of our customers.

Strategy and Quality Policy

  • Speed ​​and flexibility are elements of our services in dimensioning, planning, logistics coordination, construction supervision and operational management.
  • We create compact water treatment units that can be easily operated at very individual places in the world.
  • We offer our customers a comprehensive individual after-sales service.
  • Personal responsibility of the project managers and the project engineers
  • Long-term partnerships with project partners / manufacturing companies
  • Quality – Awareness for all stakeholders
  • Commitment and obligation to continuous improvement:
    Management undertakes to constantly improve the processes in the company and to measure and communicate this annually with further objectives. 
  • We evaluate identified risks and, in addition to countermeasures, also look for the opportunities that the risks offer.
  • We want to maintain and expand knowledge in and for the company in a controlled manner and, where recognizable, proactively acquire knowledge that will be necessary in the future.
  • As specialists, we offer our customers tailor-made technical solutions within the scope of our core competencies.
  • Our technical sales team is made up of professionals who understand their business and our customers' business. This allows you to identify the real need and offer solutions.

Quality Management

The quality management system based on EN ISO 9001 in the currently valid version includes all business processes identified as relevant to quality. The quality of services is an essential element of customer satisfaction.
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